Can I cancel or move my booking?

Tickets for all events at Kenyon Hall Farm are advertised as 'non-refundable' and 'non-changeable' throughout the booking process. This page provides further information on exactly what this means...

Can I cancel my booking?

No. It is not possible to cancel a booking to receive a refund, partial refund, voucher or credit.

Can I change the date/time of my booking?

We officially advertise tickets as 'non-changeable' because on most occasions it is not possible to do so. This is because:

  1. Most events become fully booked in advance, leaving no spare capacity on alternative dates/times to accommodate extra people.
  2. We require plenty of notice to give us time to re-list the original ticket(s) for sale and a chance of re-filling the space(s).

With the above in mind, when buying tickets please assume that date/time changes will not be possible. However, if after booking you require a date/time change we will accommodate your request provided there is an alternative date/time with sufficient capacity still available and you give at least 7 days advanced notice. To request this please:

  1. Ensure that your current booking is at least 7 days away from today.
  2. Navigate to the event's booking calendar to identify a suitable date/time with sufficient capacity to move to.
  3. Reply to your original confirmation email stating the date/time you would like to move to. Our events team will make the swap and confirm this with you.

Can I pass my tickets on?

Yes. If you can't use the tickets you have booked, we are happy for you to pass them on to someone else to use so they don't go to waste.

We don't need to be notified of this exchange. Please send your confirmation email to the new ticket holders and they will give your name and order number on arrival.

Can I change the number of people on a booking?

Depending on the event and the date/time of your booking it might be possible to add an extra person on to the booking, especially if this helps you to attend or to pass your tickets on. To enquire about this possibility, please reply to your original confirmation email to explain the situation and our events team will respond to advise whether they can assist.

It is not possible to remove people from the booking to receive a refund.

Why are the tickets non-refundable and non-changeable?

Since opening our doors to the public in 1978 we have taken pride in offering an affordable day out to families. To allow people from all walks of life to engage with food and farming and make memories on the farm.

After introducing ticketing in 2020 we have continued with this ethos of accessibility and affordability by ensuring our ticket prices are as low as possible.

To do this, we rely on selling a certain number of tickets at a certain price for a particular date/time. This brings in enough money to cover our upfront costs (e.g. staff, materials, booking fees etc) and hopefully leaves a little extra at the end for us to re-invest in the farm.

Unfortunately, this business model simply does not work if the event is under capacity as a result of cancellations or bookings being swapped. To move to a more flexible ticket policy would require adding contingency into the ticket prices to cover the losses incurred through events being under-capacity. In short, this would mean significantly higher ticket prices.

We have chosen to prioritise cheaper tickets ahead of ticket flexibility and ask people to accept these terms when booking. Whilst we do understand how frustrating it is to miss out on a booking, we appreciate your understanding in why we have this policy in place.